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Which statement describes one feature of Rutherford's model of the atom? A.The atom is mostly empty space. B.The atom cannot be divided into smaller particles. C.Electron clouds are regions where electrons are likely to be found. D.The electrons are located within the positive material of the nucleus.Sec. 1104. One-year extension of temporary authority to grant allowances, benefits, and gratuities to civilian personnel on official duty in a combat zone. Sec. 1105. One-year extension of authority to waive annual limitation on premium pay and aggregate limitation on pay for Federal civilian employees working overseas. Sec. 1106. One of the drawbacks of the Rutherford model was also that he did not say anything about the arrangement of electrons in an atom which made his theory incomplete. Although the early atomic models were inaccurate and failed to explain certain experimental results, they were the base for future developments in the world of quantum mechanics .