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Barrel cam distributes recoil forces over a longer period of time to reduce felt recoil. Safe, easy takedown with no tools or trigger pull required. Rigid, one-piece, precision-machined, black nitrided, stainless steel chassis with integral frame rails and fire control housing. 2-441061T-ENG1 Matte Black with Custom Engraving Taurus Judge® Taurus Judge® Magnum Fiber Optic Front Sight/Fixed Rear Sight 45 Colt/410 GA—2½” (5) 45 Colt/410 GA—2½” & 3” (5) Black Wood Altamont® Grip Matte Black or Matte Stainless 4 5 C O LT Matte Black or Matte Stainless 4 5 C O LT 48 oz. (6.5” Barrel) 37 oz. (3” Barrel ... Chambered end is Threaded 9/16-18 NF, Muzzle end is Threaded 1/2-28 UNEF as a result it is easy to thread into a barrel block or frame. In addition the muzzle end is threaded to attach a thread protector, muzzle break, Compensator or a Flash Hider. WARNING: Our Gun barrel liners are made and tested for the rounds they are chambered for.