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Just like other Power BI Desktop tables, calculated tables can have relationships with other tables. Calculated table columns have data types, formatting, and can belong to a data category. You can name your columns whatever you want, and add them to report visualizations just like other fields. Nov 30, 2020 · Use hidden measures and members from #PowerBI dataset in an Excel Pivot table. When you connect to a Power BI Dataset from Power BI desktop you might have noticed that you can see and use hidden measures and columns in the dataset. But the hidden fields cannot be seen if you browse the dataset in Excel. Jun 29, 2017 · This one column is used to generate all the other columns in the table. Let’s add another column by clicking Add Column and enter the formula below: Year = YEAR ( ‘Date Table'[Date] ) Now add another column. Month Number = MONTH ( ‘Date Table'[Date] ) Next add a column with month names using the formula below: Month = FORMAT ( ‘Date Table'[Date], “MMMM” ) See full list on