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Cameras. Jetson Nano Component Kits. Storage. Cooling Solutions. Silicon Highway - Enabling Technologies, NVIDIA Jetson Developments kits, Modules, AGX Xavier, Xavier NX, TX2, Connect Tech, AverMedia, SSD, Coolers.NVIDIA Jetson Nano embedded platform. Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 connected to the CSI host port of the target. Ethernet crossover cable to connect the target board and host PC (if you cannot connect the target board to a local network). NVIDIA CUDA toolkit installed on the board. V4L2 and SDL (v1.2) libraries on the board. Gstreamer: USB Camera on Jetson Nano. The default image of jetson has GStreamer installed. In the example, we will use a USB camera and we already installed Since the camera in this example is streaming MJPG, we have to use pad jpegdec before device=/dev/video0 and then start adding other...