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Straw Fedora Fedora Hat Hat Tip Everyday Hacks Hat Crafts Recycled Fashion Felt Hat Diy Clothing Panama Hat. How to Fix a Squashed Straw Hat.Caring for a wool felt hat: SHOP WOOL HATS lay hat upside down when setting it on a surface. do not expose your hat to high heat, such as a hot vehicle, fireplace, if your hat is wet, from rain or sweat, flip up the sweatband and lay the hat upside down, or hang it on a hook and allow it to dry naturally. Jul 14, 2020 · Rescue a rain-soaked hat by wiping off the surplus water immediately with a clean dry towel. Sports straw hats with snaps in front should have the brim turned up all around to dry. Turn out the sweat band of a badly soaked hat to dry. Stand the hat on its band when drying to facilitate air circulation to the hat.