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A012 匯入 XML 資料 - 以 Google Earth KML 為例 XML 是國際通用的資料格式, 一般來說只有程式開發人員需要了解 XML 的細節, 但是 Excel 提供很方便的方式讓使用者可以利用 XML 的資料. GoogleEarth #HowToUseGoogleEarth #Google Earth Tutorial This how to use Google Earth tutorial will show you how to travel ... In this video, we will see, How to Import Excel Data in Google Earth. This video tutorial is very helpful in GIS Field. I have used ...– Using the Excel Google Charts Generator Google Charts Google Charts is a web based application that creates graphs (in the form of .PNG image files) from a URL. The application is intended for users who want to include charts within a webpage, but it also allows for the placement of located graphs on Google Earth.