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Quizlet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is one of the 'Play' study modes.[25] Gravity was adapted from a previous game, Space Race. After entering their answer, users see if their answer was correct or not, and can choose to override the automatic grading and count their answer as right...In your acid / base titration lab, you found the molecular weight of a solid acid. Perform the same calculation given that 0.50 g of acid required 20.00 mL of 0.25 M NaOH to titrate it. (Assume that the acid and base react on a one-to-one molar basis.) 0.0025 g/mol. 0.010 g/mol. 0.10 g/mol. 4.0 x 10 2 g/mol. None of these answers are correct. a.k. bhushan july 1972 ascii html 25 ftp rfc0264 rfc0265 rfc0542 rfc0385 rfc0454 rfc0683 unknown unknown legacy 10.17487/rfc0354 rfc0355 Response to NWG/RFC 346 J. Davidson June 1972 ASCII HTML 3 UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Legacy 10.17487/RFC0355 RFC0356 lab quiz taken before starting the experiment. Many of the questions on the pre-lab quiz will be similar to the pre-lab questions. The post-lab work will involve calculation and analysis of data and completing post lab work. Students will also submit results for unknowns that must be within given tolerance limits to receive full credit.