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The Brussels Griffon was developed in Belgium from crosses between various breeds. These were the Smousje, a terrier like rodent catcher, the Affenpinscher, and another Belgian dog called the Griffon d'Ecurie. There was further cross breeding in the late 1800s with the Pug...Nose Butter was developed specifically for this condition. Nose Butter is individually handcrafted in far northern Minnesota (yes, it is science fiction cold in the winter) using all natural and organic good stuff: shea butter, olive oil, castor oil, avocado oil, almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax and cocoa seed butter. In the breed's homeland of Belgium, there are three types: the Petit Brabancon (which is smooth-coated, as in the U.S.), the Brussels Griffon, which has a rough red coat, and the Belgian Griffon ... Nov 14, 2014 - The coolest dog on instagram has a new brother! Meet baby Alo before the two Griffons take over the world.