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Predator 670 performance engine
A518. Also known as 46RH (A518); 47RH (A618); 46RE (A518 electronic governor); 47RE (A618 electronic governor) Versions of this transmission were used from 1990-up. Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kit, Bands, Clutches, Gaskets, Seals, Filter, Kolene Steels, 46RE/47RE, Dodge, Kit. Part Number: MCL-88023K Not Yet Reviewed Revmax has some good kits and at a better price than most. If I would have kept the 47re I probably would have gone with them for a rebuild. But regardless what company you go with build it a little tougher than what the engine puts out. Or if you plan on adding power build it to that power goal.We suggest purchasing an ATSG book along with your build if you do no already have one. The ATSG Repair manual will provide: Step-by-Step Solution to Repair, Overhaul or Rebuild of 46RE 47RE 48RE Transmission; High Quality Charts Available for 46RE 47RE 48RE; Valve Body Identification, Electrical Diagrams, Wiring Harness Locations