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My Bighorn came with 2 , 209 options. A magnetic breech plug that holds the primer in while it is cocked and another that works with the little red plastic jobs. I just use musket caps and they work fine. However I see that the local sportsman's warehouse carries the 209 conversion kits. Yes there is a conversion kit for the Remington 700 ml. I need one and have been looking for them all over and I have just found them at these two sites. The direct links are as follows: http ... muzzleloader smokeless powder conversion, Sep 20, 2020 · A second for Luke at Arrowhead - he has great conversions for TC Encore and also has custom builds. I also might look at Greg Herbert from Phantom Firearms-- he builds using Arrowhead components and I saw one of his LR Muzzloaders recently shoot a group most centerfire rifles would be envious of. Lee Powder Measure Dipper Kit includes 15 graduated powder dippers from .3cc to 4.3cc. Slide card included has powder dispensing chart